Sunday, July 07, 2013

Wool jumper / sheath (M5464)

I finished this back in February but never got around to a photo. I took one today but now that I see the photo, I hate this top with it!!! I've had trouble figuring out what top to wear with it since I finished it, in fact. I didn't feel like redoing the photo so look past the top, please.

This is McCalls 5464, (shown below but oop), view A. Reviews on PR indicate neckline views A&B are too high and C&D are too low. so I lowered it. Other alterations: added 1" broad back adjustment; I used length of View B but ended up cutting 2" off; added a lining; used 2" bias cut lining fabric strips to bind armholes.

I used the same lining as my trench coat shown here:

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becki-c said...

Too cute!