Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sundress (M4444)

I decided three days before our Hilton Head vacation in June that I HAD TO HAVE a sundress to wear. I had a couple patterns in mind but I went with this one because the reviews said it went together like a dream and was very quick. Well, it wasn't all that quick. I was working long days catching up before going away on vacation anyway so I only had early morning before work and late at night. Somehow, I was able to get it all sewn together except for the hand sewing on the bodice band. So I took it with me and finished it one evening right before going out to dinner in it!

This really is a great pattern. The sizing was terrific although I think the bodice is a wee too big for my teeny bust. I would like to make it again and will probably eliminate a little volume in the top.

More details below.

Fabric: Rayon Challis from Vogue Fabric in Chicago during PR Weekend 2011. I don't recall who it was but one of the ladies in our group carried the bolt of this fabric around the store for awhile. I casually stalked her for some time and then just said, "Hey, if you're not going to buy that, hand it over." And she did! LOL
Pattern: McCalls 4444 - The pattern is out of print but looks like it may still be available at Club BMV.
Size: Out of the envelope size 10 for the bodice and graded up to what I am guessing was a 14 at waist and hips (I bought the wrong size grouping and 10 was the largest size.)


SEWN said...

Super cute dress. Love it on you. Great fabric too.

Carol said...

Bonnie, you need to wear more tops/dresses in that color! You look radiant in that dress!

Carol said...

Bonnie, you should wear more dresses/tops in that color! You look radiant in that dress! Great look on you fabric/dress combo!