Sunday, July 07, 2013

Linen Pants (V8584)

Usually, I prefer fitted clothes on me and don't tend to wear many loose fitting items (other than sweats that I love to wear around the house.) I feel untidy and slothy (yeah, imaginary word) wearing loose fitting clothes and don't feel like they flatter my figure. 

However, when  I saw Elizabeth's adorable version of Vogue 8584 some time ago, I thought I'd shake up my normal attire and give the casual, loose pants a go, in hopes that I could look as cute as her!

Linen was purchased at Discount Fabrics in San Francisco during PR weekend 2014 (April.)

Size and Alterations:
Started with size 14 based on measurements and my usual hip measurements. Basted together and seemed ok but hard to tell before inserting elastic in waist. Turned out they were too big AND too high. There was too much fabric in the front so rather than taking in side seams, I scooped out about an inch of front seam starting at top of waist, grading to about 1/2" at the crotch and then to the original seam about 2" past crotch into back center seam. The crotch was drooping very low so I cut 2" off top of waistband and moved the foldline down 2". I cut 2" off hem (I'm just under 5'4".)

I used 1" elastic so I made the foldline 1 1'2" - enough for 1/4" stitching above bottom edge and 1/4" stitching from foldline. Rather than do a 1/4" fold on the edge, I serged the edge for less bulk.

I'm not sure I love them but I'm going to give them a chance. 


SEWN said...

Awww, thanks for the shout out. Love your version. Give them a chance. And I love that you added the pockets. I was too lazy. ;)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

If you get some of the heat we're experiencing here on the East Coast those pants will come in handy! I love your pocket detail on them!

Anne-Marie said...

Those pants look comfy and still super stylish. I like the pockets. Super duper look!

becki-c said...

Your alterations and fit changes really make the work. The pockets looks really stylish and handy for hanging out at the house. The fact that they fit makes them not look sloppy.

Clio said...

So fun! I bet you'll start loving them when the dog days of summer really arrive!