Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Years Resolution # 1 - Done

1. Change the skanky ironing board cover shown here:

Voila! I have been dealing with this nastiness for over a year because I thought I would make one like all the other crafty ladies in blogland. But other projects were way more interesting so I continued to deal with my yucky ironing board, constantly crossing my fingers that the gunk wouldn't rub off on my sewing projects.

When I saw these lovely Raymond Waites ironing board covers at TJ Maxx for $10 ($10!!!), I nabbed a black and white paisley. Took it home and my mother decided she wanted it. Went back and bought this cute red/pink paisley one for me.


Channon said...

Wow. That's pretty enough to make me want to iron - maybe. Wonder if my local TJMaxx has 'em?

Jknits said...

gorgeous. Can't believe you lived with that ratty old cover for so long. hahaha