Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank you, St. Anthony!

Woo hoo! My deadline for finding the buckle was tomorrow. I told myself if I didn't find it by tomorrow, I was ordering a new one. And as you can see, I FOUND IT!! It was in the basket where I keep my cutting tools. I have no idea why I would have put it there.

That's the good news. Yeah, there's bad news. All I had left to do was sew the buckle on. Before I did that, I tried the jacket on to see how to best position the buckle. THE JACKET IS TOO SMALL! Normally, I make the bust / shoulder / bodice area a size smaller than waist and hips to fit my body. I did that with this jacket and should not have! I am so annoyed!! I had been trying it on throughout the construction of the jacket but I think I neglected to try it one more time AFTER I lined it. The fabric is a knit matte jersey so even though it was snug fitting, the fabric allowed for some stretch. Well, once I lined it with a woven, the stretch disappeared. DUH!! I am so annoyed. Look how cute the lining is!!

Ugh. There was a lot of hand sewing on this one. One good thing is this is made from fabric I got for a song on clearance - $1.50 / yd and I have plenty more. I'm not sure if I'll try to take it apart or start over completely.

FYI, the pattern is Butterick 5142, view B.


gaylen said...

Oh that bites! Glad you found the buckle and you are right, that lining is cute. g

Lori said...

What a bummer. Could you just take the lining out and finish the seams? Good luck deciding on a plan. A guess what? I don't have any of that fabric!

Summerset said...

Oh no! Such a cute jacket and great buckle, too. I was wondering the same thing that Lori was, if it would be possible to take out the lining and just finish the facings and seams.

designdreamre said...

BIG Bummer

Ande said...

Yeah! St. Anthony! He is a little slow but he always comes through!
Love the lining and the jacket looks cute! Sew worth saving! My suggestions are letting out the side and back seams of the jacket and lining half the seam allowance or if that sounds like too much work...Spanx Power Panties (like a girdle yet it doesn't sound so frightening)LOL
Good luck with whatever option you decide on!