Tuesday, April 22, 2008

S3887 or Put Your Blinders On!

Almost finished S3887. I say almost because I bought some embellishments for the neckline but I can't decide whether I like this top. Let me rephrase that. I know I don't like this specific top but I can't tell if 1) it's just too big at the neckline or 2) I don't like the color of the fabric or 3) the style is not for me. Or some combination of all three! The top makes me look huge. (BTW, forgive the athletic shorts - getting ready to go walking.)

What do you think? Should I try this one again in a smaller size and less ahem... colorful fabric? Or move on to something else? Gelbean's and Adrienne's versions were so darn cute! (Shoot, I just read some of the reviews at PR and several point out that the back neck band is too big. And I now remember reading this BEFORE I started. Ugh.)

Hey, maybe I had it hiked up too high? Does it look better here?


Jknits said...

I actually like the top, but I can see how you might feel that it is too baloony. It seems like a very different style for you. I think it looks better around your hips.

Lori said...

I like it in the last picture the best. Think about it with jeans or black slacks, it would change the look quite a bit. Not that I don't like your gym short - :). I have made this one and didn't like it with the band, I really like Adrienne's with the belt.

cidell said...

I like it in the second photo and I think the fit is right. But, if you wanted to, you could go smaller and it would still look good. And I LOVE that color.

Marji said...

Since it isn't going to stay pulled down like that, and the problem seems to be all the blousing that adds visual weight at the top of your hips - why not cut off 4" in length? This might be a lot better on you if you take the bottom band off, chop off several inches, then put the bottom band back on again. Personally, I don't think the neckline is bad at all - unless it isn't fitting right in the back that we can't see.
Worth a try, Non?

Linda said...

Wow! You have been busy! Beautiful raincoat and all the other items you accomplished in the last few days. I personally like the color of the top. I like Marji's suggestion too. If you are not enamored with the color then trying her idea is a win/win. If it doesn't work out, you aren't out a favorite piece of fabric.