Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring is crazy!

Remember my post a couple days ago.... the one in which I debuted my "SPRINGY" apron? It was a beautiful, sunny 55 degree day here in southwest Ohio. What a difference a few days can make. We are in the midst of a blizzard - the worst storm in many years. I think we have about 8" so far and may get another 3 -4" today.

5:00 pm yesterday.

7:00 am today (3" dog legs in 8" of snow makes for slow moving!)

I arrived home at 3:00 yesterday and don't intend to leave any time soon! It's is just BEAUTIFUL outside! And since I am homebound it's the perfect opportunity to SEW! Lori asked me what I am sewing and I realized that I didn't have a single thing in process. (I really think she is asking because she wants to know what she is going to sew next. On more than one occasion, we have found that we have made the same item, at the same time, without planning it!) So I just browsed my stacks and have decided on the following:

Skirt with pleated back (M5523, view B); black and emerald green plaid.

Spring trench (S4084); embossed taupe print with crinkle olive lining

Business dress (V8409); brown and green glen plaid with olive green lining for bodice

And finally, I was going to make this: Knit tunic (B5173) out of a fun animal print with black trim.

But when i went to the Butterick webside to copy the link, look what I found:

A "serious error"?! Holy cow! That's pretty ominous sounding, isn't it? I know Sharon made it and although it wasn't her favorite look, she didn't appear to suffer any dire consequences. Hmm, Butterick, I'm going to view your statement as a challenge! LOL!

And one final photo to inspire you to slow down and relax today. This was taken shortly after Martini came in from the snow yesterday and was laying on top of my daughter in front of the fire.


Beth said...

You could lose one of your pups in this much snow! Martini has the right idea all snuggled up like that. :)

gaylen said...

I agree - maybe instead of sewing I should start a fire and snuggle in with the hounds - of course we don't have snow - just the spring rains coming :) g

Lori said...

What a snow you had. Cute patterns and fabrics. Lucky for you that you checked out the Butterick website and found the recall. That might have saved you some headache, I would love to know what the serious error is.

Sharon said...

55 degree one day - blizzard the'd think you lived in my state :-) You must have loved having a snow day devoted to sewing...sadly, if we received 12" of snow most of us would still be expected to show up at work.

And I just found out today about the Butterick pattern recall...someone emailed me to let me know. I'm really curious what the "major error" is!