Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sewing Progress

After the Easter baskets were found and the cooking was just about finished, I was able to spend the afternoon sewing. I made some progress on my daughter's headboard and cut out the black / pink polka dot dress. I have the bodice just about put together but after checking the sizing, I realize it's too snug. I need to add about an inch if I hope to breath. Not quite sure how I'll expand it yet. I could take it all apart and let the side seams out but then I'll have to cut new contrast pieces. Not the end of the world but I'm going to ponder it to see if I can come up with a better (i.e. easier!) solution.


Debbie said...

What's done looks great. Like the fabric combination and trim really adds a lot to it.

Is there anyway that you can split the back panels (think princess seam in the back) and just put a wider panel on it to close, which would save ripping so much of it out?

What kind of closure does it have? Zipper? Can you create an overlapping button band instead which would give you more fabric width.

Just some thoughts. Hard to tell without examining the pattern.

stickchick said...

The dress is looking great!! I think like Debbie said, you could add panels in the back like a corset would look kinda. Then it would be fitted on purpose.

Go Bodacious Bonnie!!