Saturday, April 07, 2007

Yarn & Fabric Puchases

Allison once again talked me into buying yarn. I purchased these little beauties from Little Knits, a company in Seattle, Washington that I highly recommend. Great communication - the shipper even sent a notification when the package was delivered to my front porch. The top yarn is a Lace Weight Misti Alpaca - purfect for a mini shawl / scarf. The four skeins on the bottom left are a yarn called Peru Luxury DK, a blend of merino, alpaca and silk. Mmm mmm. Great for hand warmers. And finally, the dark purple is the softest merino lace weight I've ever felt called Cashwool. Will make a beautiful lace shawl. Someday.

I was inspired by this dress and will make something similar using these red and red/white print silky fabrics and Vogue 8182, view A.

This picture doesn't do much for the fabric but it's a lovely sheer cream color with brown and tan flowers. I hope to make S3956 with it.

Finally, this brown fabric will make a nice top using New Look 6655 or maybe New Look 6669.

And I leave you with the latest Devil Dogs' escapade. For those of you who have read Marley & Me by John Grogan (LOVED this book), Marley was NOT the World's Worst Dog!


Debbie said...

Wow, where did you get all the great fabric! Perfect!

Hmmm, really like that last New Look one. Might have to add that to my collection. Love your pattern choices!

BUMMER -- the Denise needle cable?? That really stinks. Oh, and you may decide to put the knitting up . . .. .you know, cause he is a LITTLE dog. . . . . I'm just trying to help!

Duchess said...

Love the fabric and the yarn. I can't wait to see some finished dresses!

As for the devil dog, your's and mine should get together. I have 0 paris of bamboo needles left. He has eaten every pair (he can even open zippers to get to them) as well as 5 pairs of hand knit socks, among other things that I have forgotten about because he is so dang cute, darn him!

he leaves me KP Options alone though, the are all metal- you might want to try them out I LOVE THEM!