Monday, August 22, 2005

One Skein Wonder is done!

Wow, all you people who made this already are correct - this is fun! I picked up some Brown Sheep Co. Lamb's Pride Super Wash at a LYS clearance sale for about $3. I bought the purple you see here and a lovely sunflower yellow color (OSW #2?)

I haven't blocked it but to be honest, I probably won't. It's such a tight fitting item, I don't think it needs it (honest opinions on this are welcome!)

Anyway, this is a very easy pattern and is available here for $3.75. I started knitting about a week ago. It probably took me 5-6 hours (I'm a slow knitter!) I had hoped to get this done in time to wear with my little turquoise dress that I wore to our Caribbean party Saturday night but not quite.

Classic comment from the husband: "Is it going to get bigger?"

Ok, back to my Sitcom Chic cardigan ("which is a bigger sweater, sweetheart.")

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Julie said...

Very cute, Bonnie! I need to post pics of mine, but I wore mine last night! It's great for this time of year.