Sunday, August 21, 2005

Caribbean Dinner Club - the day after

Whew! My neighborhood dinner club met at our house last night for a Caribbean fest! It was great fun. I planned the menu and distributed recipes to the 6 couples. Food was great and company was terrific! Here's the menu:

Mojitos (Cuba) & Pina Coladas Coconut Shrimp With Tamarind Ginger Sauce Sir Clifford's Conch Salad (Bahamas) Jerk Pork Tenderloin (Jamaica) Pineapple Cole Slaw (Bahamas) Coconut Red Beans and Rice (U.S. Virgin Islands - St. Thomas) Bajan Sweet Bread (Barbados) Banana Flambé with vanilla ice cream (Martinique)

The pictures show before, during, and after. LOL! Can you see the cute little flags stuck in the candles? That's how everyone was assigned seats - they picked a flag out of a "hat" and matched it to the table setting. That's me in the turquoise dress (I swear my butt isn't really that big - it's the angle. No really, I'm just saying....) Unfortunately, my husband is missing from the photos (he was taking the photos) along with several other guests who were assisting with the flambe-ing or making after dinner drinks - manhattans and such.

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FaeryCrafty said...

Yummy menu :)