Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lots of knitting ..... nothing to show for it

This has been a productive knitting week. Attended oldest daughter's college orientation and much to her embarrassment, I knit through quite a few of the sessions. As a result, I finished the 4th straight section of my Clapotis (love that Lion and Lamb yarn!!) and am about halfway through the second sleeve on my Knitty Sitcom Chic. But it would be boring to post pictures cause it's still in process .... so I won't!

On the cooking scene, my good friend Linda is out of town so her husband (Charlie) had dinner with us tonight. He's another foodie kind of person, so we decided to experiment and made cedar planked salmon. Hubby went to Home Depot and purchased an 8 foot piece of untreated cedar and cut it down to the size we needed. Soaked it all day.... But alas, hubby cooked the glaze just a tad too long..... turned into burnt maple taffy! We persevered and planked the ole fish anyway. Lots of steaming and smoking and burnt cedar smellin' later, we had a delicious smoked salmon. Charlie and I tried to salvage the maple glaze to save hubby's feelings but egads! it was burnt for God's sake. LOL! We will definitely do the cedar plank thing again. Very tasty!


RunsWithTrowels said...

i have added you to the angelnia knit along, & would like to add you to the members list. i need your email, please!
you can send it to: runswithtrowels AT gmail DOT com.

Bob in Cincy said...


Salmon + built-in-toothpicks!

What a mahhhh-velous idea. :-)

I've never quite gotten into the whole salmon-fish thing. Other fish, fine. Salmon...oddly enough, too rich for me!

But glad you enjoyed it (even with maple-syrupy-glaze cementing everything together!).

Bob in Cincy
yarnbob514 AT yahoo DOT com