Sunday, May 11, 2014

Linen Pants Revisited (V8584)

Late last summer, I made a pair of wide legged linen pants with some side pockets. (See Here.) I wasn't too crazy about the wide leg look and my husband literally laughed at the pockets. My kids also gave them a thumbs down. Being stubborn, I took them to the Novi Sewing Expo and showed them to two of my friends for encouragement. Deafening silence. ALRIGHT ALREADY... NOT A GREAT LOOK. I get it.

But I really wanted some comfy linen pants so when my roomie Liz showed up at PR Weekend in Austin with an adorable pair of pants in a moderate width, I decided I would revamp my pair. First I took the pocket off and tried on again to see if I liked them wide. NOPE. So then I took about an inch off of both inner and outer seams. I like them better now.


Jenny said...

They look great now. Totally modern!

becki-c said...

That is a good proportion with the top and sweater. I still really like that top, I should have gotten some of that silk!

Isn't it nice that you sew and can fix things? I'll admit, I've gone back and 'fixed' things that just didn't sit right.