Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wardrobe Update

Remember the mini-wardrobe I designed for my February trip to Saipan? Well, as expected, I only got 4 pieces done before I left but I subsequently worked on the pieces and finished 7 of the 8 pieces. I am going to do some reviews at PR and will highlight some of the individual pieces but here is a synopsis:

Completed and happy with results:
1. Scarf tie knit top in purple lycra; Jalie 2921, View A with short sleeves
2. Pencil skirt in lightweight brown stretch twill; Vogue 8603, View C
3. Bolero wrap in brown lycra; New Look 6559, View A
4. Ascot top in brown / cream leopard charmeuse; McCalls 5977, View C
8. Ruffled-neck top in turquoise interlock; Butterick 5493, View D
9. Skirt with inverted triangle pleat in brown embroidered linen; New Look 6969, View D

6. Gathered side top in purple slubby knit; Simplicity 2977, View B (Couldn't get the fit right; fabric was too flimsy.)
7. Jacket with bell sleeves in brown stretch twill, facings in leopard charmeuse; Simplicity 2977, View E (style is unflattering)

Incomplete (can't decide whether I'll do this one or not):
5. Straight skirt with pleated overlay in purple, turquoise, cream stretch sateen; New Look 6918, View E

I was happy to pull together a mini collection and although there were some failures among the successes, it was fun to develop and implement a collection, rather than just pieces along the way.


Channon said...

Love, love, LOVE the ascot top. I might have to learn to sew one day...

Lori said...

Great looking garments, all the outfits look fantastic.

gMarie said...

Wow! I just caught up. They all look fabulous. And you do look better filled out a bit. Enjoy :) g