Thursday, August 05, 2010


Well, I took my first ride on the Craigslist train today and I am utterly exhausted. I listed a car for sale at several hundred less than Blue Book Value because I wanted to get rid of it fast. Like today. I've received 35 emails (ummm, maybe price was TOO low?) and spent the good part of the day answering phone calls, emails, arranging meetings for people who didn't show up.

But this was the best: Guy Number 1 offered me cash, sight unseen. "Please, ma'am, the engine blew in my car yesterday and if I don't buy a car tonight or I'm going to lose my job tomorrow." I will bring cash at 5:00 today. Meanwhile, Guy Number 2 drives over and looks at the car in my driveway. Offers me cash without driving it. (Apparently, he knows about cars and was able to check under the hood and get a good feel for the car without actually driving it.) I explain that I feel obligated to sell to Guy Number 1 because he called first and he's desperate. I call Guy Number 1 to make sure he's still coming (with cash) and he can't stop thanking me for saving his job. Guy Number 2 is a good sport and says if it doesn't work out with Guy Number 1, call him.

You know how this is going to end, right?

Guy Number 1 doesn't show and won't answer his phone.
Guy Number 2, who I shall now call Guy On A Car Buying Mission, had already bought another car.

Sigh... Let's start over again tomorrow.


Debbie Cook said...

Yeah, CL brings out the wackadoos! Be sure you have someone there with you when people show up and yes, take the cash and run because CL responders are notorious for never showing up. Sigh.

gMarie said...

Oh look at you blog! I've missed so much. Went looking at everything since the knit sweater - love it! Love the skirt and the tops and the dresses. I wish I was sewing. g