Sunday, May 04, 2008

New Buttericks and some Research

The summer Butterick patterns are up (Thanks, Mimi). I was sort of "ehhh" about the whole collection. I like 5206, 5209, 5214, 5218, 5223 but the rest are rather boring or repeats of patterns already out there. I had to laugh at the See & Sew Pattern # 5202. Look at the line drawing:

Look familiar? How about Vogue's 8351. Here is that line drawing:
BTW, if you make View A of this dress, it is an adorable dress and I get many compliments on mine. But be forewarned, the neckline is VERY low. I raised it by an inch and I'm still a little uncomfortable with it for business (bra straps tend to pop out.)

In response to my previous post, Cidell had an excellent point. I need to do some research.

Translation for the word "fabric":
Danish - vævning
French - tissu
Dutch - stof
German - stoff

And because Allison will want me know this...

Translation for the word "yarn":
Danish - garn
French - fil
Dutch - garen
German - garn


Shannon said...

That's some good sleuthing! I think I'd buy the Butterick version - much less expensive (at least where I buy patterns).

Apest said...

just in case someday you'll come to sunny italy, fabric in italian is "stoffa" or "tessuto" and yarn is "filato" for a general yarn or "lana" for wool yarn. :)

Lori said...

That is unbelievable how the two patterns are exactly the same.

gaylen said...

That's a good selection of patterns. Now if you could just figure out a way to sew while on a plane!

You did forget another important word - beer and/or wine! Have fun on your travels, hope you get a day or two at home first. g

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Vogue patterns are often repeated in the "lower" fashion lines. They have been doing this for years and sometimes if you look, you will notice the $2.49 patterns are exact replicas of Vogue/Butterick & McCall patterns done at a cheaper price for the sewist who can't afford $25/30 for a pattern.

Allison said...

CONGRATULATIONS to your adorable cheer leader and I can't wait to hear about the fabulous trip! Now about all this sewing stuf . . . .

Cennetta said...

I'm so trying not to buy patterns! But the first three are irresistable. Hancock's is having a sell. I think 88 cents.

Claire said...

Hi Bonnie, thank you for pointing me in this direction and to the dress you made. I, of course, have both patterns. ;o) BTW, I really like the dress you made from this pattern.