Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Poof! It's gone.

Remember just a little more than 24 hours ago how I was relishing in the nice day with the 17 yr old daughter? Remember, too, how I said those moments are fleeting? Well, it fleeted.

Background to this conversation. I have been bugging my daughter for two weeks to finish her profile on the College Boards website so I could sign her up for the March 1st SAT test (already missed the regular deadline; knew I would have to pay the late fee.) The profile includes identification of the type of college you want to go to, size of school, type of major, other interests, etc. Logged on this morning only to find out it is now too late (even with a late fee) to sign up for the March test.

Fast forward to text conversation with daughter:
Mama: You know, if you think you're going to get into the college you want, you better start taking this college stuff more serious.
Daughter: Well actually, I plan to be a stripper so I think I'm fine. [did I mention sarcasm is big in my house?]
Mama: Seriously. I had to fill out your profile for you. Just in case your career counselor asks, you are interested in agriculture or religious studies. [I didn't really.]
Daughter: Ummmm, how do I change that?
Mama: Figure it out, genious.
Daughter: Next time you try to be sarcastic, the correct spelling is genius.



Lori said...

Thanks for the chuckle, but I can so relate. I am still working on my text messaging speed so I am very envious of your ability to do all this texting. You never know, tonight might be good again.

Nancy W. said...

Gee - it sounds like you are raising my daughter!

gaylen said...

That was pretty funny! I think I had the same conversation with each of my girls - and you know, stripping pays pretty well. g

monica said...

Teenagers, I see they really are all alike.

Cennetta said...

Tee Hee! Does every mother in the USA have this experience! Chuckle, Chuckle. De javu. My DD and I had a similar experience. The counselor misplaced her college applications. And after not hearing anything from any school, I started asking; she started hating to see me coming. So I backed out and allowed her to handle it. Well, she didn't. Long story short.., She almost didn't start college on time.