Sunday, February 10, 2008

New recipe blog

Stealing an idea from Janice (Hi Janice!) who always posts awesome recipes, I started a separate blog for keeping track of some of my recipes. There is only one recipe on it at the moment; I'll add recipes as I go. (No, I didn't bake that apple pie on the left but I thought it was the perfect image for my new blog. Hmmmm...... do I have apples in my fridge???)

Today, I'm making Beef Barley Vegetable soup since it's so cold and windy outside. There's a local cooking show on the radio every Saturday afternoon and when it's cold like this the hostess likes to say, "It's a good soup day." Indeed!

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Allison said...

Lucky me - I get to be the first to leave a comment on your new blog. I'm so excited to see what recipies you post. I'll have to send a link to Mom too! YUMMMMMMM