Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

After being away for the last two weekends, I was looking forward to a leisurely weekend this past weekend. I figured I'd make my husband a nice dinner for father's day. But NOOOOO, at 11 am on Saturday, my mother (who lives 10 hours away from me) calls me and says, "Dad and I are planning on stopping in tomorrow. Is that ok? Oh and your aunt and uncle are with us." GULP. "Of course, Mom!" Don't get me wrong, I miss my parents and welcome any opportunity to see them but my house was a WRECK and I panicked at the thought of getting ready. But I rallied the troops and we all worked furiously cooking, shopping, cleaning, crafting, laundry, etc. And when they pulled in at noon on Sunday, we were ready!!!

I will be seeing my parents in a few days so I planned on a belated Father's day gift. i.e. I had not even started the BBQ apron that I was going to make him (sort of a joke.) Well, I couldn't very well have my dad show up and not have a gift so I quickly sewed his apron in the crab fabric! Then I thought my uncle is a dad, too. Quick, go in the stash, find some flag fabric... poof... another apron! Well, shoot, what about my husband? YES! I find jalapeno fabric. So I was stitching the straps on the last apron when my parents and aunt/uncle pulled in. We had a great visit and as you can see, the manly men LOVED their aprons (not!) LOL!


Allison said...

I love the aprons - they're great! They are lucky Dad's.

autum said...

You were able to cook, clean and make 3 great looking aprons? I'm very impressed!