Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saipan Knitting

I just returned from Saipan, which is the largest island in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas islands (a U.S. Commonwealth.) It is in the Western Pacific Ocean, the Philipines Sea to be exact and is off the coast of the Philipines. Took a long time to get there (20 hours in the air, 48 hours total - each way.) It's a beautiful island with very friendly people. I didn't take many pictures while I was there but here is a shot from the balcony of my hotel room.

The bonus to that much flying time is - you guessed it - lots of knitting time. The second picture is all the knitting I did while I was gone. I finish all the pieces to the baby sweater done in Cottonease (I had the hat done before I left, I just included it in the photo so you can see what the finished sweater will look like). I also quickly knit up the back of a Rowan Biggie Print Penny cardigan (colorway Pool Party - lovely shades of blue with magenta woven in.) The darker purply pink triangular thing is the start of a poncho sweater (pattern name is Thunder) done in Rowan Plaid (colorway Bramble). I also started a lace scarf (Fiber Trends Falling In Love Pattern in Fleece Artist Kasula Ruby Red colorway) - only an inch done on that!

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