Monday, October 03, 2005

Holy Cow! It's a Bonanza!!

I received package number 1 from my Secret Pal today and GOOD GRIEF!!! Look at it all!!! She picked out the most adorable items - all selected based on my profile and emails. My absolute favorite item are the candy dishes made from old records! Can you see them in the photo? I poured the Life Saver candies in the larger one. And they are made from old John Travolta records (I loved him then and I still think he's adorable!!! Grease is one of my all time favorite movies and the music is awesome.)

There are two skeins of some very fun sock yarn from Knit Picks - the dancing line. I need to hurry up and finish the other Broad Ripple so I can start on a pair with this yarn.

There is also some Stella Doro chocolate cookies - I'm not familiar with that kind but I used to love the anise flavored ones. The cookies are going to work with me so the kids don't find them. I don't share very well!!

And there are some very thoughtful travel related items - lip balm and mouth spray (which two of my kids have already tried to steal.) And the cutest little address book (purple and shoes - gotta love that!) I love the pink accesory bags and you're right, they will be perfect for knitting notions. Finally, the socks are adorable - I love fun socks!!

Can you see all the little yellow sticky notes? My SP wrote a note on each one!!

Wow, thanks for making my day. I haven't yet sent my first package out to my SP but now, the bar is raised. It might take me another whole week to get something together!

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