Monday, July 11, 2005

Menu Planning

I just notice someone's blog who also plans their meals for the week. If I didn't plan my meals, I'd spend 1/2 hour in front of the freezer every night wondering what to make before hustling the family off to a restaurant. I can even get my kids to help when I have it planned out!

Here's what I planned for this week:
Grilled beer can chicken
Red Skin mashed potatoes
Steamed green beans
5 cheese mac & cheese (for vegetarian daughter and eldest daughter who just had wisdom teeth pulled)
Macadamia-white chocolate chip and chocolate-chocolate chip cookies (cheated - from freezer dough)

grillled brats & metts
cabbage au gratin

Chicken Asian noodle salad
Asian cucumber salad (from Costco)

Mexican short ribs, shredded & rolled in tortillas
Black beans with cilantro


Take out Pizza

I also made some awesome granola for breakfast (thanks, Linda - great recipe!!!) and some broccoli cheese soup for wisdom-teethless daughter.

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