Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Good and The Bad..... and knowing when to say ribbit!

The BAD..... I tried. Oh boy, I tried. I asked everyone I know about the clapotis in the pastely colors (see monstrosity on the right side of picture). No one.... not even the people who don't know me very well and oughta be trying to salvage my feelings would say "Bonnie, it's a LOVELY clapotis." Nope. The best I got was a bunch of stammering and stuttering. (The worst was outright laughter.) So I will be frogging said creation......

But the good, OH SO GOOD!!! After "saving" SO much money at the Knit Happens going out of business sale, I splurged on some Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb yarn for a replacement clapotis. I found a beautiful colorway called iris garden and someone had 3 skeins for sale on ebay. I wish everyone could feel this yarn. It is scrumptious! I started the clapotis this morning. And I think everyone will agree these colors are more my style!


Beth S. said...

You will be so delighted with the Lorna's Laces L&L. I've done three Clapotises and my L&L one is my hands-down favorite. The drape, the display of colors... there is a REASON why this pattern was designed with this yarn! Enjoy.

Laura said...

it was inDEED a lovely just wasn't "you!" I think that pastel blend has a different destiny... The LL one is looking great already (and I've felt that yarn, it is yummy.)

So, you started new is Sitcom going? (I'm still dodging due to lack of time/needles...EXCUSES!) Nice whispered prodding to the CElist-er. :-)

Laura said...

Bonnie ~
I so utterly have KADD myself! Nothing negative intended. I'm in the middle of at least 5 projects. I'm hoping you DO neglect your Sitcom chic...maybe I'll have time to catch up/start it, lol.

ck said...

The knit happens sale is the best! I need to get back over there...they said open into August and maybe some stuff that hasn't been out up until.

Both Clapotis seem pretty...but I am personally more fond of the new colors :)