Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pattern Review 10-Year Anniversary in Austin

Edited to add a link to Kyle's blog who captured all the events of the weekend so well!
Kyles' Blog: Vacuuming the Lawn

Saturday, November 19, 2011 was the tenth anniversary of Deepika's creation of Pattern Review. All of my fellow sewers know what a great resource the website has become but it has also greatly expanded the "Sisterhood" of sewists. Over the ten years, there have been many meetings and weekends across the world at which PR members gather to share their love of sewing. I attended my first one this past May in Chicago and knew I would attend subsequent events.

Deepika announced there would be events in various cities to celebrate the anniversary so I started reading about the various events to see if I could make any of them work. Cincinnati is woefully barren when it comes to sewing so I knew I would need to visit elsewhere. When I ended up scheduled for meetings in San Antonio the day before the Austin event, I decided to extend my stay and join the Texas group. I am so glad I did! It was a fantastic weekend with 40 members from all over Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, El Paso) and a few of us Texas wannabes including Kyle from NJ and Kellie from Illinois.

Leslie organized an amazing event and I think I speak for everyone when I say how much fun we all had. I was too busy having fun to take many photos but here are a few:

Betty, Kyle, Me, Leslie in front of the Aloft bar (where we may have spent just a bit of time)

Enjoying an afternoon coffee to re-energize before the evening events (the Bailey's in the coffee also helped.) Becki, Jennifer, Robyn, Leslie, Betty, Me & Kellie:

Leslie welcoming everyone to Common Threads with Jeannie (owner). A styling session by Thea Woods followed:

Mimosas and a sewing studio tour. Could a Sunday morning get any better?

Inside Juliette's studio:


Sharon said...

Bonnie, that looks like it was so much fun! Let me know if you ever get a scheduled for business in Minneapolis...

Kyle said...

Yea! It was so fun to meet up with you again. Your Cynthia Rowley dress on Saturday night is gorgeous, and it was so great to see your reunion with your fabric Sat morning. I also loved your Sat night dress.

Kyle said...

Thanks Bonnie, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Wish we got a picture together--next time in SF!

Anne-Marie said...

Oh it must have been such a great moment. Your pictures show the warmth and the joy. <3