Thursday, October 20, 2011

Missoni-ish Fabric - Pattern Suggestions?

To be honest, I don't love the classic Missoni zig zag look. I know... I know... it's the hottest thing out there right now but it never really set me on fire. But I walked into Banasch's Fabric the other day to shop their penny sale (buy 2, get 1 for a penny) and this fabric was right by the front door. I stopped and fondled it and moved on. After going back to it 3 times, I realized that I must really like the look. LOL. So I bought a couple yards to make a knit dress. After looking through my stash, I didn't find a specific pattern that I love so I'm requesting suggestions for pattern ideas! I want it to be a fall dress so I prefer sleeves but most sleeveless patterns can be adapted.


gMarie said...

Did you see Lori's (Girls in the Garden) newest version of V1250 in a missoni-ish knit? She added sleeves ala Debbie Cook and it's fabulous. Goo look - you could totally rock it! g

SissySees said...

I am so relieved to hear that someone else isn't Missoni-mad. I have seen a couple of things that I looked twice at, but that's as far as I've gotten.

Can't wait to see what you do with this, because our tastes and styles seem rather similar. Will you and that fabric change my opinion?

Andrea said...

You can do another Vogue 1250 or how about a wrap dress or faux wrap dress.

Anne-Marie said...

I am of no use for the dress pattern suggestion... Then, why am I writing a comment though... When I look at your fabric, I see a cape... You could wear with jeans and a neat t-shirt. That would be so easy to make:

As for the dress... I used a Missoni Fabric once and I made a very easy pattern. I wear it as a dress or a tunic. I am wearing it right now with my new boots. I did not like the look with shoes, it looked to serious and not stylish enough.

That's it, no more blabla form me ;-)