Friday, December 05, 2008

Note to Brigid...

and anyone else in the Cincinnati area. I should have identified the accessory store yesterday as it is a fun little place that my daughters and I really enjoy. the store is called The Next Best Thing and it is in downtown Blue Ash (9662 Kenwood Rd). It's a great little gift shop that sells jewelry, purses, scarves, unusual gifts, etc. It is all very reasonably priced. Unfortunately, they do not have a website.

It is always my first stop when I'm looking for "a little something" to give to a girlfriend or one of my daughters.


Linda said...

Oh gosh I miss Blue Ash. I lived there until I was 5. But still went back there or through there to go to work and so on.

Linda in VA

Brigid said...

Thanks so much for the info - I just checked back today and was suprised to see my name in a post title! I will definatly check it out as I will no doubt be out that way shopping.