Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm in a RUT!!

I have barely sewed a thing all summer and now I feel like I'm paralyzed. Ok, that's a little dramatic but seriously.... I don't understand why I am not more productive on the sewing scene. I sat down with patterns, fabrics, pattern review, etc. for TWO HOURS last night and still couldn't figure out what I want to make. Yet I open my closet door every morning and get annoyed because there is nothing in there I want to wear. What is up with that!!!!

Can somebody give me a kick in the patootey please? Seriously, I think I just need to dive in and make something to get me back in the swing.

In the meantime, it has been an eventful summer on many fronts. The animals are overtaking the human inhabitants of Casa de Bon Bon!!

Exhibit A:

This is Maggie. A long hair calico kitten my son adopted from the SPCA in mid-July. Sadly, she was not well and died five days after we brought her home.

Exhibit B:

This is Fiji. The replacement kitty we got from the SPCA. She is full of spunk and gives our dogs a run for their money.

Exhibit C:

This is Cooper. He is a chocolate lab purchased by my daughter and her boyfriend. Cooper lives with the boyfriend and his roommates but spends a lot of time at our house, too.

And more adorableness!!!!

Between the ill first kitten, Fiji developing a cold, Cooper's treatment for kennel cough, Herschel's crazy vomiting spell and "well baby care" immunizations and exams, we have spent quite a bit of money at the vet over the last two months!!


Janice said...

too too adorable!! Sure wish we could get little cooper and our little sophie together! They look about the same age!
Good luck getting out of your rut! I'm in a bit of a knitting rut myself. Maybe cooler weather will help!

Summerset said...

Poor Maggie! Fiji is a really cute little replacement. She has a very intelligent look in her eyes.

So, get sewing - something simple! A quick knit top, or something easy!

Lindsay T said...

Yeah, I agree with Summerset, just start out with something simple but with instant gratification. And oh those animals are adorable!

Allison said...

Hang in there - all will be healthy soon. Clearly you don't WANT to sew - you want to knit!

laura said...

Cute pet pictures will get me everytime! My daughter's (the vet tech) apartment should have a revolving door with all the 'pets' she saves. Right now she has a pit bull puppy who doesn't understand why my old cats don't want to play with him!

Ande said...

Bend over! I'll help you out! LOL Just kidding, it's hard to get into it but it will happen. Now that you sat there with all your patterns your subconscious will make the descision and you'll be off to the sewing races in no time! Or would you like me to lend you my 1930's blouse to hand finish for me?
PS-the fur kids are adorable. I am so sorry your first kitten died but so glad your family let it know what a home was like.

gaylen said...

Very cute animals. It does look like you home has 'gone to the dogs.'

As for sewing - just do it! Get theyself into the studio. Embroider something, embellish a dishtowel, whip up a t-shirt, cast on a pair of socks. g

Jknits said...

darling pets - thanks for the pics. I've always found skirts to be the easiest way to get started again - so quick.

Gorgeous Things said...

Oh, Lab puppies should come with big signs that say, "Warning, I grow into a big stupid slobbery dog!" HOw I love Labs! I had two and would have another in a heartbeat. And the kitty and your other pup look like they are enjoying eachother's company.

Kellie said...

Oh how I love furry adorableness!!

OK, here I go kickin' your patootie to get sewing. I know the feeling...I didn't do 1/4 of the sewing this summer that I did last. Still haven't caught up, either.

Tany said...

Your pets are super cute (and I'm so sorry for the first kitten...)

I blame the transitional period between seasons for the lack of sewing mojo (in my case, I also blame my job, because I am willing to sew but I lack the time!!)

designdreamer said...

That picture is too cute!!!
dd's bf bought HER a chihuahua for Christmas, and he spends all his time at the bf's apartment. Good thing too, because for some reason our dog (a cockapoo) is deathly afraid of the little guy- even when he was 6 weeks old! Actually he's afraid of ALL dogs.

GUGAW said...

that last picture is so cute - there's a look in the dogs eye that a little 'cripes - i've been busted snugging a kitty'!