Monday, June 16, 2008

Melatonin and Soy Milk

Between the neck / arm pain I've been experiencing since January, a bit of personal stress and the excessive travel I've experienced lately, I have gone from sleeping soundly every single night to very bad sleep. I would estimate that since January, I have probably only slept through the night 5% of the time. That's not good.

After being awake almost 31 hours (not counting a two hour cat nap on the plane back), I figured I would easily sleep through the night last Friday. NOPE. Two hours asleep and then wide awake for another two. Dozed off and on for another two 0r three before giving up and getting up. Same thing happened Saturday night. Weird! I mentioned it to a friend yesterday and she recommended melatonin. she specifically likes Trader Joe's version. So I bought some and VOILA!! Fell asleep at 10:30 and slept all the way through until my alarm went off at 5:30. WOO HOO! SEVEN HOURS, PEOPLE!!!

Has anyone else ever tried this stuff? My mom isn't keen, "Bon, you know those things are unregulated. Never know what it's going to do to your body." I do know that but I'm more concerned with what I might do to the people around me if I DON'T get some sleep. Wound tight as a drum - that's me!

In another health related issue, I tried some chocolate soy milk. I hate cow milk and really, really need more calcium in my diet. I tried the Silk Light Chocolate. Ummm.... EWWWW!!! "Nuf said.


designdreamer said...

Been there, haven't done the melatonin, so I'd be interested in any info (good, but especially bad) that you may find out re: the melatonin. I've suffered thru shoulder pain, but it's pretty much better and my sleep patterns HAVE improved, but not to anything close to 7 or 8 hours a night. With a full-time job, I don't know how you function, especially with all the traveling you do.

monica said...

I have not tried the melatonin, so I can't help you with any adverse reactions. I know I don't tolerate sleep deprivation well at all though. I work part time nights (RN) and it seems to take longer and longer for me to recuperate from 28 to 30 hours of no sleep, and I am more than a little grumpy until I have. (My kids will attest to that)
I hope this works for you when you need it and has no ill effects.

KnittyNancy said...

Glad that you finally got some sleep. Melatonin has been great for me. I only use it occasionally. With it, I was was even able to sleep for a few hours on an overseas flight. It might have been that I had already been awake for over 20 hours. ;) Now you have made me curious and I'll have to research it more.

gaylen said...

I sleep like the dead these days for well past when my alarm goes off - so no help here. As for the soy, The Princess has always drank soy - she says she's prefers the vanilla and will sometimes shake a little nutmeg and vanilla in it. However, I think she rarely just drinks it - uses on cereal, oatmeal or in a latte.

Vicki said...

Oh I need some of that! I never sleep through. And if I have to get up early I seem to sleep even less!!!

Allegra said...

why don't you try almond milk? you might like that better than soy milk. take care!