Sunday, July 29, 2007

How I spent my summer vacation

I didn't really disappear. Traveling and vacation took me away from home for two weeks. And when I returned, there was some family turmoil. Sometimes life is hard.

To lighten my mood, I decided to post some scenes from our vacation. It was a low-key vacation. We visited my family in Delaware. My parents have a house on the Indian River and my brother has a house on the beach, south of Dewey Beach. Lots of sitting, chatting, knitting, reading. The view from my parents deck and some goodies from the river (I spent every morning on the deck drinking coffee, knitting, reading, chatting with my mom.)

Beach photos of the kids and dogs - I don't have many because I kept forgetting to bring my camera to the beach.

Gotta love the no sales-tax outlet shopping in Delaware!

Knitting Progress - I finished the second Fiber Trends clog. I am not happy with how they turned out. Part of it I blame on allowing so much time in between the two and part of it on poor felting due to my inattentiveness. I also finished the front of a top (Latoya pattern by Berrocco, Pineapple CottonEase yarn; photo taken before I finished.) And another dishcloth.

And when I arrived home, I had ripe tomatoes in my garden and a few peppers. This became Insalata Caprese for my dinner last night:


~Tonia~ said...

Welcome back.

Looks like you got some quality knitting time in.

KnittyNancy said...

We miss you at SnB! Looks like you had a fun vacation. Knitting, beach, shopping, visiting... It all sounds great.

Beth said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. The dogs sure look like they're having fun.

Janice said...

Welcome back! So glad that you didn't disappear! :-) Sounds like a nice relaxing vacation. Love the thought of sitting every morning drinking coffee; knitting and visiting (and reading!) I think you got some great knitting done! Looks like you used Kureyon for the clogs? That's a tough yarn to get to felt with much consistency! I do love the colors of it, tho!

Allison said...

What great photos. I had to laugh at your outlet purchase - major league pink, purple and bright green! First time hubby took me shopping in Delaware when I checked out they charged me tax. I said, "Hey, I thought there was no tax in Delaware." They said, "there isn't - you're in PENNSYLVANIA!" We were at the King of Prussia mall. For a girl from California there is no way you can drive for 30 or 40 minutes and be in an entirely different state!!! Glad you are home.

Anonymous said...

Can't remember if I told you, but Skip's family lives in Dover, Delaware. Well, except for his one sister, who lives in Michigan.

Linda in VA

monica said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Great pictures.