Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas to me!

Since I have purchased virtually every single present online this year, I have packages on my front porch almost everyday when I get home from work. I just check the label to make sure they are for me (and not my husband) and set them aside to open later. So on Wed., when I got home from work, I did just that and then headed out for an evening of Christmas errands. Later that night, I picked up the package to take to my not-so-secret gift hiding place and noticed the return address. I was very surprised to see my friend Allison's address. I knew I hadn't "ordered" anything from her so I ripped that bad boy right open and was thrilled to see not one but two wrapped presents in it! I apologize for the poor photo quality (took the pic. with my Treo) but looky what Allison sent me!!!!! A very luscious scarf in shades of purple (our mutual favorite color) and a very cool book of quilted bag patterns. There are some awesome patterns in this book and I can't wait to crank up the sewing machine in January.

Allison, you are such a sweetheart!

A quick note to say thanks again for all the supportive emails and comments regarding my broken arm. I am scheduled to get the cast off and pins removed on January 2nd and the doctor will determine at that time whether I need another cast, a splint or nothing at all. I'll need some PT. I haven't done much knitting as it's fairly painful due to the pins. I'm looking forward to getting the use of my right hand back for so many things!

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Janice said...

Lucky you! What a fun surprise package. They are always the best!
January 2nd is not too far now...hang in there!!