Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nice to get away

My husband and I went away last weekend to spend a relaxing weekend sans children. He planned the triap and I didn't know where we were headed. We ended up at a B&B called Maple Hill Manor about two hours south of Cincinnati in a small town called Springfield, KY. The B&B was fabulous but the best part .... IT'S ALSO AN ALPACA FARM! My husband didn't even know that part when he booked it; it was a coincidence. I fell asleep before we got to the place and woke up as we were driving up the lane. My eyes got real big and I said "OMG, is that an alpaca?" My husband looked at me like I was crazy because 1) he didn't know what an alpaca was; and 2) he had no idea that yarn is made from them. Oh and another coincidence, I was knitting a scarf from alpaca yarn (the pink aran one) before I fell asleep.

What's especially cool is that the owners, Tyler and Todd, sent their first load of fiber off to a spinner this season and had JUST received the yarn back in. Ummmm..... do you think I bought any????? See the lovely hanks above. Notice how nicely they match the photos of the alpacas themselves? Yup, the yarn was spun from their fiber. Isn't that so cool?! Each "colorway" is named after the alpaca it came from.

The baby you see was just born 4 days before the photo was taken and she was adorable. We got to hold her.

I highly recommend this B&B. Very comfortable accomodations, very friendly, helpful owners and the food was excellent.


Janice said...

What a fun weekend you must have had. Kudos to your hubby for planning it! Aren't baby alpacas about the cutest thing? That yarn you bought looks so wonderful, and how cool to see the alpacas it actually came from!! I made my daughter a purse with wool from her llama and she adores it.
Now to grab my coffee and read the rest of your blog!

Janice said...

I fixed my email on my profile. Had it typed in wrong. I had 'mwsuperent' instead of 'mwsupernet' which it should be. Enjoying your blog. And have especially enjoyed being a part of the International Tote Exchange.. although haven't got my bag yet..Kind of holding my breath!

Judy said...

Hi Bonnie, what a wonderful vacation spot for you!

miss ewe said...

What a great story!

allegra918 said...

What alpaca goodness you bought! thanks again for mine. I love looking at it and petting it!