Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitting Olympics - The Torch is Lit

I understand the torch was lit at 2:00 pm today so I can legally cast on for the Knitting Olympics. Notice what I'm wearing. It's an official Olympic jacket given to my daughter a few years ago to inspire her gymnastics career (she quit a few months later!) The sweet donor is a friend of mine who made the 1980 Olympics team as a diver. Unfortunately, the U.S. decided to boycott and my friend never go to compete. What a waste!! I'm hoping she will transfer some of her spirit and perseverence via the Olympic jacket as I try to complete the baby hat and sweater set (along with finishing the scarf for the International Scarf Exchange!!) before the closing ceremonies.

Good luck to all 4000 Knitting Olympic competitors.


Beth said...

That is a seriously cool jacket. There's a Canadian flyball judge who competed in winter games at some point - he has the coolest Roots vest.

Roseanne said...

You look great in that jacket. What a good friend you have! I feel inspired seeing you in it.