Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yarn bonanza!! A local yarn store is having a 40% off sale. YES! ALL yarns are 40% off. I purchased some Cascade Tweed in a wonderful purply color to make a chunky winter sweater. Also some fun hot pink cotton/lycra yarn to make a summer top (Classic Elite Star.) Also a skein of Berroco Plush yarn in pink (wow! this stuff is so soft) and a coordinating grey pink nubby yarn (I forget what kind) to make a scarf (cuz I don't have enough scarves!) Boy this picture looks crappy on my monitor. The purple yarn is so dark. Oh well - take my word for it.... It's beautiful!! Posted by Hello

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Julie said...

Ha. That makes their prices about what the other yarn stores in town charge.

I swear, that place is WAY overpriced, and to me, very unhelpful.

Great haul, though! :D