Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Love Notions Coda Quilted Jacket Test


When I saw this design, I realized it meshed with my focus on making more versatile pieces in 2023. I wanted to make a polka dot version to emulate a jacket one of my business colleagues has but I couldn't find any prequilted polka dot fabric. (And I'm a bit impatient so I didn't want to quilt polka dot fabric myself.) Someone suggested using a quilted bedspread. GENIUS! I found this beautiful golden yellow bedspread with a circle quilt pattern - so ALMOST polka dots! My mom's favorite color was yellow and she loved traditional quilted bedspreads so this has an added sentimental angle to it. 

I was tempted to use deep purple as the accent color (because it's MY favorite color so "Mom + me") but recognized that navy is more practical from a wardrobe standpoint. I used purchased double fold wide binding in navy and navy buttons.

This jacket went together so quickly!! I made a size small and the only alteration was to shorten the sleeves by 1.5" (typical for my T-Rex-ish arms.) Some of the other options included a collar or hood and lining. Once I saw some of the other tests with a hood, I plan to make one with the hood.

I can't wait to wear my jacket to work tomorrow!

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